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The Goshawk


This bird is the perfect woodland hunter. Its short wings and long tail allow this feathered machine to live up to all aspects of the art of the falconer.

She is a true hawk, and can pursue her quarry to unimaginable depths without injury. Her body is streamlined though musculature and this makes her the perfect hunting machine. Her eyes are yellow at a young age and turn to a red colour as she matures. Her eyesight is fantastic and can pick up every movement in her surroundings. Her speed of chase, her tenacity and precision footwork makes her a superb and efficient killer.

No longer to be seen in this country, the Goshawk has been wiped out by persecution and pesticides. In other times this hawk was used for hunting and was also known as the cooks hawk bringing many types of game to the table, such as rabbits and hares.

The Goshawk is now being bred in this country with natural pairs and artificial insemination from birds imported from Europe. This is not a beginners hawk and commands respect.

The Peregrine Falcon


The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world. Its streamlined body allows it to propel itself earthwards towards its prey at speeds well in excess of 200mph. This ability has made the Peregrine Falcon the most popular Falcon in the world. It is such a pretty Falcon to look at, and is noted for its dark blue, back and white creamy "barred" chest.

The Peregrine has deep dark eyes with deep yellow irises and yellow feet. Her small beak with the "Falcon tooth" can be a real neck-breaker.

Like the Goshawk, this bird was nearly wiped out by persecution and DDT, but the Peregrine Falcon is now back to great numbers in Ireland.

These Falcons are birds of the open skies with long pointed wings and a short tail to facilitate accuracy in its stunning swoop to its quarry in mid air.

These were birds of noble men and the hierarchy and to this day are held on a pedestal above the rest. They have fascinated man for a millennium and will continue to do so.

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